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Monday, December 12, 2011


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Sherry Redowl

My favorite ornament is a crystal snowflake that my daughter brought me from Denmark where she was performing in 1987 with Up With People.

Rosanne Derrett

My favourite decoration for all time is a 1960's pink bauble which has survived almost 50 years, kids, dogs and cats. It's currently in Holland with Mum. In my own box there is a pair of crown shaped ornaments that I love. Gaudy and sparkly but mine!


My mom's set of Santa and his reindeer all in pale PINK. (So 50's!) The Santa's suit is pink and white velvet and the reindeer are coated in pink velveteen with glittery silver antlers. My mom used to do them all up with white netting and pink Christmas lights. They don't look as nice as they used to after all these years, but when I was a kid, they were magical. :o)


My favorite decoration of all time would be Christmas stars...love them decorating windows, trees, and my garland up the staircase.

ellen k

I found the little felt elves like we used tohave on our tree as a kid. They scrunch up and hold their knees.


My favorite ornament is a Campbells kid ornament that has him sitting in the moon. Too cute.


The tole painted Santa hanging by his feet.

Deb F

My favorite Christmas decoration is an antique toy (or maybe it was never a toy, I'm not sure) Santa riding a donkey. It is old and faded, but has such character.


My favorite decoration is my mother's collection of Santas. She has about 30 or so, gathered over the years.

Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway chance!


Sad, but it is a little felt santa made with a toiletpaper roll from pre-school/elementary school. I just love it, even though it is completely faded, because I made it and my mom displayed it every year!
I'm a huge fan of yours!


My favorite decoration is one my son made when he was 6 or 7, at school. It is a star made of plastic straws and tinsel. I leave it hanging all year round.


I love the matching knitted stockings I made for me and my husband, and now our two boys.


My favourite ornament is one from India that my parents were given by my mum's grad-school office mate when they were first married. He was from India, and it is a lovely black elephant covered in beads and ric-rack and metallic threads. It's hard to describe but it's beautiful!

Terri Brown

I love my Wizard of Oz ornament! Thanks for the opportunity!


I'm going to go general and just say pictures--pictures of family and friends.


My favorite is a tiny ornament that's just a little mouse and an eensy bit of cheese under a clear dome with a red and white twined hanging string. It's one my sisters and I all coveted growing up, but it was always mine (cackle!) - it was a first Christmas gift to me!

Beautiful fabrics and great supplies - thanks for hosting a giveaway!


My favorite would be my first coca-cola polar bear ornament. It started my massive polar bear collection!

M-R @ Quilt Matters

THanks for the giveaway, Pat! Love your show! One of my favourite ornaments is a RCMP nutcracker. So cute!


My favorite decorations are always the ones that my kids make for me. My mother-in-law is even considering giving us the decorations that my hubs made when he was a kid. SO excited! :o)

Cathy T.

Favorite decoration is when I bought some little clear globes & put pictures of my kids from each Christmas in them. It's fun to look back.
My favorite as a child was a little church with a light bulb inside, it had stained glass windows & sat on the piano. Thank you for your generosity!

dyanne cosx

my husband made me a really big hershey kiss and inside was an opal and diamond ring...our first Christmas together.


My favorite decoration is a beautiful glass star that I was never allowed to touch as a child. Now I get to hang it and understand why little fingers should be kept away from it.


My advent calendar!


Does the Christmas tree count? Last year we were moving and didn't have one - it wasn't the same!

Kate R

My favourite decoration is a mini nativity we bought in Mexico on our honeymoon. Very cute, colourful and special!

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